Giantess Crew – Karma – Dollhouse Time




Playtime 26:46


You meet this woman off of the Party line, and you guys hit it off, You guys make plans to meet up, and then you drive out to her, Once you get inside, you get with something hard, and it knocks you out, you then awaken tiny in a dollhouse, As her Large foot Come close to you, you realized shes, not a giant.. you are just small,  And shes feeling really Horny, Find out what happens



This video contains 


-booming SFX

-foot play

-slow motion

-butt views

-butt crush



– giantess dropping tinies in panties

-tiny climbing on giantess

-giantess wearing lingerie


-close up

-tiny in dollhouse

-tiny prop used

-tiny props tape to feet

-tiny props tape to butt