About Us

Who Is The "Giantess Crew" 

Well I told you guys about me so let me tell you about "The Giantess Crew" it started as a storyline and I wanted to Showcase more ebony Models and that is still my goal. However, I love the beauty of All Races. And I think each model brings their own particular niche to the situation. What. I like About the "The Crew" it makes it unlimited possibilities who could show up and there is no cap. And we can continue going where I can showcase various of models. The storyline goes that these models are scientists and they discovered a potion to shrink People. Granite in the videos that they are in casual clothing. I think the power of the imagination run wild. And as the Creator, I want to be able to take you to a place where you never been to before as the viewer. Liking being in different scenarios such "Being InSide their shoes" Them Running you under the faucet" these are scenarios that I like to see. Giantess Crew In My eyes A Dream, A bunch of Giant Woman, Shrinking People. That's what I love.

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